Treatments beverly more

The steam-pressings Beverly proposes treatments of textiles:

The starching, know how to make traditional, he allows to iron tissues by looking to them «beautiful fallen «and flexibility. synonym for refinement, the starching of the linen protects it and embellishes it for a long time.

The waterproofing, we suggest you protecting your clothes by improving its resistance in the drizzle, by applying a protective movie which limits the appearance of haloes provoked by the water and protect the woolen fibers of the felting.

The incombustibility of tissues : if it is not possible to prevent from a way absolved by a preparation tissues to be destroyed by the fire. The steam-pressings beverly suggests eliminating the flammability which is most great danger of the combustion.

The treatment mothballs : the animal fibers, the wool and the furs are the materials most often affected by moths. That is why the steam-pressings beverly proposes a care allowing to protect the clothes of the attacks of moths.

The anti-dust mite treatments : in the dry cleaning, we obtain a total sterilization of all the treated clothes, so for example braids at beverly pressing are cleaned, dry-cleaned double first time; they are then spent in the traditional wash, what destroys completely and for a long time acaroids.
Curtains, cover beds, blankets can also benefit from this advantage underestimated by the dry cleaning if they are regularly cleaned (twice a year)