The ironing and the finishing

The finishing at Beverly Pressing allows us by a set of operations to restore to articles of our customers, already carried, the qualities of origin or to move closer to them to it as much as possible. Holding, aspect, quality of the drape, our teams look for the perfection thanks to their skill helped by devices air / vapor / heat, forms and models.

If the wash is a science, the ironing is an art which asks of the address, the taste and the habit. The ironing in the steam-pressings Beverly is not only intended for the beauty of the linen but aims at erasing folds and at smoothing the surface of the tissue. So frozen, crushed, the tissue will get dirty much less fast than if it had remained rough and fluffy.

At Beverly Pressing, we iron and fold the linen as you wish it, on round hanger, under shape, under protected cover, in one limp with arrangement, everything is made so that you can tidy up and protect most comfortably your linen. Because if our cleaning must be impeccable, it's the same for our ironing.